Cockroach Gel
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after application of this gel, will I have to wash every kitchen stuff before using? I belive these croaches will be wandering around after eating the gel and thus carrying the gel back onto other stuff.

Not at all Gel Goliath has an approval for use in cooking and shows no toxicity food
It is advisable to apply it in the hidden area of daily cleaning for greater efficiency.
the goliath gel that does not kill cockroaches and other insects not it does not attract

Bonjour, je suis un céréalier bio et j'ai des rats et souris dans mon hangar. Qu'est ce que vous me conseillez qui soit autorisé? Merci

Les appâts souricides classiques à base d'anti coagulant présente un risque de dispersion et sont donc conseillés uniquement à l'extérieur de votre hangar et uniquement accrochés dans des postes d'appâtages sécurisé.
À l'intérieur nous vous conseillons l'emploi de pièges collants et automatiques sans souricide, en appliquant
un attractif anti souris de type Provoke.

do you deliver in Nairobi,Kenya?

We deliver our products worldwide.

Do you deliver in south africa and what will it cost me, or do you have a branch in Gauteng South Africa.

We deliver our products worldwide
we have no dealer in south africa
the delivery will cost € 16.60 in packages with international acknowledgment

Do you deliver to Israel?

Yes and more than 110 countries around the world

hi please if i would like to baye more d 1 one and im in scotland how match it well cost thank you and if i would like to export it tu my country it's possible it's so match wanted as product thank you for time i hope well get on contact to do bisness

To buy large quantities please send your request by email
specifying the number of products you want to buy

I need Goliath gel you have any distributor in UAE (Dubai) please give me contact number

Sorry, we have no dealer in Dubai (UAE)

i red this gel usually comes in a 4 syringes box. Your price is for one of them?

Exactly, for 4 Gel Goliath the price is 255,74 € taxes inc ( 5,5% )

When i buy the goliath gel this also includes the gun? Thank you

The goliath gel is delivered ready
with a syringe, plunger and a pair of gloves.